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Orders will be delivered, by the carrier, within 4 (four) business days after we have received confirmation of payment for the same, or within 9 (nine) business days, to the islands through the post office.
In case of non-receipt of the order within the indicated deadlines, an investigation will be made with the carrier, and it may take a few days.
The Customer must contact the Waterfall Customer Service and during this period no refund can be made, as the loss of the order will have to be checked and confirmed.
The customer has the right, upon receipt of his order, to open the packaging to verify that the product is in accordance with what was requested and that it does not have external defects. In case the product is not the one that was ordered or has visible defects, Waterfall advises the customer to refuse delivery. When refusing delivery, the customer must write on the carrier’s slip which problem was detected and return the product to the carrier, who will take care of the return. Within 24 hours, you must send an email to Waterfall’s “Customer Service”, indicating the problem detected. Once the package is delivered by the carrier, Waterfall is not responsible for any problems arising from the transport.
Please note that Waterfall will be obliged to refuse any request for refund or replacement (right of withdrawal) for products that have external defects and that have been accepted by our customers at the time of delivery.
The right of withdrawal remains valid for cases of technical problems that are detected by the customer after delivery and in accordance with the terms provided by law.
What to do upon delivery:
1. Check if the packaging is in perfect condition.
2. Open the package asking the courier to wait for verification (this is a customer’s right).
3. Check that the product complies with the order made and that it has no visible defects. In case everything is in order, accept the delivery.
4. In the event of any non-conformity, that is, an error in the requested product, or a visible defect, you must refuse delivery and fill in the problem detected on the carrier’s note.
5. Return the package(s) and all its contents to the courier (transport company).
6. In the case of delivery by the carrier where the package has not been verified, the customer will have 24 hours to report the problem to our “Customer Service” by telephone 22 7838431.

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