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Board Stand Up Paddle Flow MSL 11.6

A prancha de stand up paddle FLOW 12 é construída com a mais moderna tecnologia, o MSL, adequada para longos percursos e para utilizadores mais exigentes. As pranchas de stand-up insufláveis FLOW MSL ​oferecem uma qualidade excecionalmente alta e de funcionalidade superior, garantindo ao utilizador um desempenho super fiável  em qualquer tipo de condição, oferecendo maior leveza, maior rigidez, mais performance e maior durabilidade.


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Measurements (L x W x H): 353cm x 76cm x 15cm
Weight: 9Kg
Pressure: 15psi
Volume: 280L
Load: 130kg
Construction: MSL Construction Technology
Pack includes: Plank, 3-part Oars, Pump, Backpack and Repair kit.
*D-ring on the nose to facilitate the anchoring of the board
*Nose support for GoPro, you’ll want to remember your adventures. Area with elastic bands for attaching and transporting a Drybag during navigation.
*High tail pad, foot support at the back of the board facilitates lifting the board and makes maneuvers more precise.
Inflatable stand up paddle board included in the TOURING range. This board was designed for any type of practitioner who wants to ride in calm or agitated waters for intermediate and long distances, its load capacity allows you to carry 1 adult and 1 child or an animal in its bow, and thus enjoy good times in family or with friends.

Additional information

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 353 × 76 × 15 cm



beginner, Intermediate, Performance


until 130kg


1 Adult + 1 Kid

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